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Why Singaporeans should own

Blue Can Water?

Water is essential for survival

Singapore is particularly susceptible to threats which would disrupt our water supply.


Why? According to PUB, Singapore’s water demand will double by 2060.  


We may not have enough water to meet that demand.

Currently, Malaysia is the main supplier of our water.

It’s an unreliable source, with frequent dry spells caused by climate change causing the Linggiu reservoir in Johor to drop to unprecedented levels.


In 2061, Singapore’s water agreement with Malaysia will end.  

NEWater and desalinated water will meet up to 85% of our country’s future water demand. This is a problem, as the power plants which give energy to our desalination plants are running mainly on foreign countries’ gas and we are in danger if relations between our neighbours ever sour. 

Hence, you should own Blue Can Water to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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