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The Number 1 Emergency Water In the World

Don't wait until it is too late! Stock up on 50-year shelf life water from Blue Can Water. Our headquaters in Los Angeles, California, offers the best emergency drinking water for disaster preparation. You can make sure that your family is safe from anything that happens, from unforeseeable disasters to power outages to compromised water lines. Place your order for a case or pallet today.

Features of Blue Can Water:

• 50-Year Shelf Life
• No More Rotating Stock
• Stays Fresh In Heat
• Ability To Double-Stack Pallets

• BPA-Free 
• Plastic-Free
• Sustainable Packaging
• Better Taste

• Pressurised Cans
• Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

How Do We Do This?

Blue Can sterilises and purifies the water to < 1ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids. Compared to any leading plastic bottled water, this is revolutionary! Then, using a proprietary manufacturing process, Blue Can hermetically pressure seals filled cans with the highest standards to ensure freshness and durability when storing and shipping. You can see how clean our water is by reading our lab report. Get more answers on our FAQs page.

BLUE CAN's New ION Sterilization Technology

Improved O3 Saturation Technology 

Improved Deaeration of Oxygen Molecules

New Cationic Electron Magnet Filtering

  1. Receive Municipal Water (sterile with chlorine)

  2. Multi-step filtration@

  3. Ozone Saturation

  4. Polishing Filter To Remove Bacteria

  5. UV Light sterilisation And Ozone Removal

  6. ION Technology Sterilization

  7. Oxygen Removal Prior To Can Hermetic Seal

  8. Pressurized With Inert Gas

@Multi-step filtration process includes using:

- active charcoal filters,

- dual reserve osmosis high pressure,

- six-stage micron traps,

- two sterilisers,

- a high intensity UV light;

  maintaining an active pH balance;

  ozone with state-of-the-art technology;

  preserved under pressure and

  undergoing water structuring unit

  to create smaller clusters

  for better cell absorption by the consumer.

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