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Blue can water asia

Protect Your Loved Ones

Own Your 50-Year Emergency

Water Reservoir Today!



The Only Emergency Water with a 50-Year Shelf Life

It is our mission at Blue Can Asia Pte Ltd to provide long-lasting, great-tasting, emergency drinking water in aluminum cans. A better alternative to the short shelf life of plastic water bottles, our canned water is made in U.S. using a high-tech filtration system. We sterilize it completely so that once it is placed in aluminum cans under pressure, our premium emergency water will stay 100% pure and fresh for decades. 

Be ready for emergencies such as hurricanes and earthquakes with our purified canned water. Thanks to its 50-year shelf life, our premium water is ideal for disaster preparation for individuals and businesses alike.

Make sure you have enough emergency water supplies for your whole family or business. Blue Can Water comes in a wide variety of cases and pallets which are in the right size to meet your hydration needs. When disaster strikes, you'll have peace of mind.

Any convenient excuses that we give may bring dire consequences to our loved ones.

Proud supplier to FEMA, NASA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

It's easy to order our emergency canned water

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